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Doula support and therapeutic recovery


Your companion along the path into parenthood



Practical home help, reassurance and respite whilst you get to know your baby

Postnatal doulaing is all about mothering the mother. I'm there for you and whatever it is you need. I'm an extra pair of hands, a great source of information on what is normal, and an enormous comfort. I will build up your confidence and resilience, and if I don't have the skills to help you then I will know someone who does.

Whether you have a new born, older baby or toddler, I can be on hand to help you through. I will reassure you as you get to know your baby and learn to trust your instincts. I can support you to achieve your breastfeeding goals, provide practical tips for bathing, weaning and handling developmentally normal behaviours. I can help you gently implement a rhythm to your day and save you from burnout by enabling you to rest.

Postnatal Pricing

£45 per hour

First Days Newborn Package - 2hrs a day for 10 days £800

Bouncing Baby Respite package - 5hrs a week for 4 weeks £800 

Busy Toddler package - 5hrs a week for 4 weeks £800

All packages can be rolled over and continued if desired.

Bespoke packages can also be arranged.



Holding your hand through pregnancy, birth and beyond

This is for clients who want the benefit of birth doula support and guidance but feel that they want to keep their birth intimate and private. I will teach you about birth physiology, and how you will feel and appear at each stage. I will give you tips on how best to support your body's natural birthing ability. I can help you write your birth plan and define the role your partner will take. We can talk through hopes and fears either of you may have and how to manage any anxieties that arise along the way. I can help you to process any lingering anxiety or trauma from previous birth experiences. I can help you navigate maternity services and provide you with tools so that you can advocate for yourselves, making sure you get the best service for your unique circumstances. When you go into labour, I will be continuously available via text, telephone and video for pep talks, reassurance and guidance. I will remain available for support in those few weeks after your baby is born.

Package includes:

5hrs of face to face antenatal support, education and guidance. 

TBR 3 Step rewind for previous birth trauma.

Regular Zoom Check in and Chats for emotional support throughout pregnancy and 6 weeks postnatally.

On-call for continuous remote support during labour and birth, via telephone, text and zoom.

1 Postnatal face to face visit.

Unlimited email and text support throughout until 6 weeks after birth


Packages can be tailored to meet individual needs.

Does not include in-person support during labour and birth. In person attendance during labour may be possible depending on my availability at the time, and would be charged separately.


Helping you to recover and process



For processing difficult emotions around fertility, baby loss, birth and breastfeeding trauma, as well as abortion, adoption and parenting struggles

The journey into parenting is not always straightforward and sometimes you can feel like nobody understands or wants to hear your story. Talking and having someone listen without interrupting with unhelpful advice or passing judgment can really help you to come to terms with your experiences. 

I am a fully qualified person-centred counsellor with BACP membership. This service is confidential and can take place in person or via video call.

£45 for a 1hr session  



TBR 3-step Rewind is suitable for anyone who is suffering from emotional and psychological symptoms which developed as a result of experiencing or witnessing distressing, disturbing or harrowing event or experiences during pregnancy, birth or after. This therapy is not suitable for those who have a history of complex trauma prior to their pregnancy.

This therapy occurs over 3 sessions. It is designed to enable you to understand and process traumatic events. I will take you through an NLP exercise called Rewind, which safely and gently helps you to reprocess your memories of what happened, taking the traumatic effects away. This will allow you to move on from your experiences with hope, peace and optimism, feeling lighter and more positive.

Click here for more details about what this therapy involves.

Price for 3 sessions : £155

Optional additional session : £45/hr



Call me for a confidence-boosting pep talk, last minute help with birth plans or for guidance on how to be a better birth partner.

One-off doula consultation. I provide confidential support and evidence-based information to help you prepare for labour or parenting. Maybe your birth plans suddenly have to change and you don't fully understand your options or what is going to happen. Maybe you have been asked to be a birth partner and you want a better understanding of what is expected of you. Maybe you are on an emotional rollercoaster and you just want someone reassuring to talk to. Whatever your reasons, I'm here to listen and help you get want you need. I am also available to accompany you to difficult or intimidating appointments. Message me to book a time to talk.

£40/hr via Zoom or Telephone

£45/hr for in-person 

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