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Did you find the birth of your baby difficult, distressing or disappointing? Are you still haunted and troubled by your experiences around pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding? Are you a partner or health care professional who has witnessed a distressing or disturbing birth. Are you finding it difficult to move on? Do you just want to feel like your old self again?

Traumatic Birth Recovery 3-step Rewind can help you to process your painful memories and recover your sense of well-being. The technique combines deep relaxation, mindfulness and visualisation, to gently decrease intensity of emotional and physiological responses to traumatic memories.

TBR 3-step Rewind is suitable for anyone who is suffering from emotional and psychological symptoms which developed as a result of distressing, disturbing or harrowing event or experiences during pregnancy, birth or after your baby was born. This may be as a result of severe morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum), traumatic birth, baby loss, breastfeeding issues, or time spent in NICU. Lingering memories, thoughts or feelings may negatively impact on your everyday life and perhaps you are experiencing symptoms such as anxiety or insomnia. This therapy is not suitable for those who have a history of complex trauma prior to their pregnancy.

I will use a 3 step therapy, designed to enable you to understand and process the impact that events have had on you and your inner world. We will work together look at the ways that these events are still impacting on your relationship with yourself, your family and friends. I will take you through an NLP exercise called Rewind, which safely and gently helps you to reprocess your memories of what happened, taking the traumatic effects away. This will allow you to move on from your experiences with hope, peace and optimism, feeling lighter and more positive.

The treatment will take place over 3 sessions, corresponding to the 3 steps of the technique:

Step 1: Preparation. During the first session if you are comfortable to do so, you can talk me through your experience. It is not essential for you to share this, but some people find it helpful. We will explore the impact it is still having on you and how it would feel to move beyond these feelings. To finish, I will take you through a guided relaxation. You will take a recording of this home with you to use between sessions. This should all take about 90 minutes

Step 2: Rewind. One week later we will go through the TBR Rewind process. This involves a guided visualisation of your memories whilst in a deeply relaxed state. This will help you to reframe your experiences, without the overwhelming feelings which would normally accompany these memories. We will move on to visualising yourself in the future, feeling confident and doing well. This will take about 60 minutes

Step 3: Review. 10 -14 days later we will complete the final step where we will revisit and consolidate any personal insights and transformations you have gained from the previous session. This can be just 30 minutes.

Sessions are available via zoom or in person. You will need to ensure you are child-free and totally undisturbed for each of the sessions.

I’m available for a free consultation, please ring or email to make an appointment

I am a fully accredited practitioner, trained at TBR College. I am bound by the Traumatic Birth Recovery 3 Step Rewind Code of conduct for practice, available on request. 


“I had the pleasure of doing the 3 step rewind trauma therapy with Hayley at the start of 2021, for my unresolved birth trauma that spanned over the previous 2 years. After shutting away intrusive thoughts and not getting successful help from peers I was doubtful and assumed this was a feeling I would carry with me forever. HOWEVER! After 3 zoom sessions with Hayley, I woke up one day feeling light, completely unburdened and free as a first time mother in the midst of a pandemic” M. Beniot

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